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We are problem solvers by nature, we just happen to be engineers and designers by trade. We pride ourselves on bringing real advice to the table, backed by extensive experience, and an excellent ability to listen to our clients’ needs.


Now, outside of work…we like to cycle, ski and snowboard, consume craft-beers, climb, drink coffee and tea, cycle (did we say cycle?), partake in Boulder and Denver’s thriving tech community and much more. Think you’re a good fit to join us?


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  • Alex Robinson

    Alex Robinson


    Social butterfly

  • Aaron Rubin

    Aaron Rubin

    Sales Development Manager

    Most likely to call in sick to ski

  • Ben Lewis

    Ben Lewis

    Engineering Lead

    Most likely to have worked on an organic farm while playing banjo and making homemade ghee

  • Chris Giersch

    Chris Giersch


    Adrenaline junkie

  • Carrie Knecht

    Carrie Knecht


    Writes the prettiest checks

  • Chris McAvoy

    Chris McAvoy

    VP of Engineering

    Sustainably crafted

  • Greg Pierce

    Greg Pierce

    Agile Project Manager

    Most likely to be playing in the mountains

  • Ingrid Alongi

    Ingrid Alongi

    Co-Founder / Chief People Officer

    Most likely to eat Chipotle every day

  • Jackie Gregory

    Jackie Gregory

    Office Manager

    Most likely to fix the kegerator

  • Jennifer Humphrey

    Jennifer Humphrey


    San Fran native, she'll always be a Cali girl at heart

  • Jenna Koval

    Jenna Koval

    Agile Project Manager

    Most likely to out ski you!

  • Keri Clowes

    Keri Clowes


    Most likely to out-cool you at everything

  • Keith Harper

    Keith Harper

    Product Design Lead

    Ride or die cyclist

  • Laura Steadman

    Laura Steadman

    Engineering Lead

    Most likely to go birding at lunch

  • Lisa Scala

    Lisa Scala

    UX Product Designer

    Regularly steers 1,200lb equines over solid objects

  • Marc Garreau

    Marc Garreau


    Most likely to not speak french, despite having a french last name

  • Mike Kauffman

    Mike Kauffman


    Most likely to win go kart racing

  • Matt Work

    Matt Work

    Chief Executive Officer

    A motorcycle for every occasion

  • Nathan Jantz

    Nathan Jantz


    Developer by day, music master by night

  • Nick Serra

    Nick Serra

    Senior Developer

    Most likely to get out of a traffic ticket

  • Nadine Struzziero

    Nadine Struzziero

    Director of Marketing

    Ice cream feen

  • Piper Merriam

    Piper Merriam

    Senior Developer

    Pizza enthusiast

  • Phuong Palmares

    Phuong Palmares

    VP of Delivery

    Most likely to have 10 times as many shoes as you

  • Sarah Battani

    Sarah Battani

    Consulting Sales Representative

    Most likely to show up early to a meeting

  • Simone Johnson

    Simone Johnson

    Marketing Manager

    Most likely to out-dance you

  • Scott Lasica

    Scott Lasica

    Chief Operating Officer

    Most likely to be DJing

  • Trace Helms

    Trace Helms

    Senior Developer

    Closet Rockstar

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