Team CoachUp™: 6 Developers

Team CoachUp™: 6 Developers


Could your developers use a knowledge boost, but you’ve got too much to do to take the time? The Quick Left Team CoachUp™ will instill the fundamentals up front, reinforce them through developer mentoring while working on your projects, then seal it up with an education review. With several options to choose from, Quick Left can be very flexible in meeting your organization’s needs.

How it works: Formal classroom and hands-on style training will bookend one or more pairs of Quick Left experts that will not only accelerate the completion of your projects, but will do so with a focus on mentoring your team in the process. Our experts will reinforce advanced technology skills and best practices. Each pair of experts will be made up of a strong lead that will not only oversee the work being done but will act as the primary mentor during the engagement. The second developer in the pair will be heads-down coding, maximizing productivity.

Six-pack pairs [2 days of training, 2 weeks of development, 1 day of training] x3

If one CoachUp pair is great, then 3 pair is a winning hand!

Your team starts with 2 days of formal training on the technology you’re using. Then, two of our experts will add productivity to your team by not only joining them in the project work, but with a directive to mentor and coach them during the process. Once complete, your team has another day of training to reinforce the concepts and higher level topics they’ve been using over the past.

*Note that productivity is decreased due to time spent mentoring – but your team is leveled up!


9 days of training, six experts for two weeks. 1/2 time lead.


A report detailing the results.