MVP to V1

MVP to V1


Quick Left will help take your application to the next level.  This package is somewhat flexible, and its size depends on the complexity and quality of the existing application (if any).  The additional work needed also plays a large factor in the size of the project.  There will also be ramp up time if the Quick Left team did not build the initial MVP.

In this type of engagement, your Quick Left delivery team will primarily focus on adding new features to an existing application.  They may spend some time reworking existing code, but that is not the primary purpose of this package.  This is a perfect engagement for a company that has already built a MVP and has received valuable user feedback.  This will help to take the MVP to a scalable level.


4-12 weeks of a pair

1-4 weeks of design with 1 designer


The client will receive high level consulting at the beginning of the engagement.  We will then take feedback provided by the client to help build new features for the application.