Stages Cycling


Stages Cycling is a manufacturer of power meters for cyclists. Quick Left built an internal system to store all the calibration data generated before the company went public with the product. Externally, we built a mobile application for users to update their firmware, and easily calibrate their hardware using Bluetooth technology in smartphones.

Stages Cycling

"Quick Left was able to jump right in the middle of our development process and deliver a quality and very organized solution. Their planning and technical skills they brought to the table helped us to meet our production deadlines and product release. We also enjoyed supporting one of their hackfests, bringing bike and tech communities together."

Pat Warner, SVP Stages Cycling

Stages Cycling

Efficient Data Transfer

Automating and streamlining the calibration process saved time and resources for Stages Cycling while reducing manual data entry errors. After visiting onsite to learn about the internal process, the Quick Left developers modeled out what the calibration data actually was within a ±2% accuracy of strain gage measured power, built a data model around the calibration data, and then built a REST API for the iOS application to talk to the database.

Bluetooth Integration

Quick Left created the admin interface and API in Ruby on Rails, followed by our developers building the iOS app to communicate with the power meters during the last stage in the process, using Bluetooth LE to communicate from the hardware to the iPhone.

Stages Cycling

Concurrent Development

Our developers built the API and web interface while concurrently building out the iOS client-facing application. Our iOS and web developers went onsite to observe the internal process and understand calibration of the hardware before creating the data model and beginning development.

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