Red Robin


Quick Left worked with Red Robin to create a fun interface to help relaunch the restaurant’s Rewards platform. With both web and mobile components to this project, Quick Left was able to draw from their knowledge of front-end, back-end and user interface process to build one of the most popular rewards programs in the industry.

Red Robin

“Throughout our development process, I was reminded time and time again of how thankful I was to be partnered with Quick Left on this project. Their process ensured we launched with an incredibly stable product, even after migrating data from nearly 1.8 million existing users from a system with very different business rules.”

Kathryn Russell, Director of Creative Technology XUMA

Red Robin

Holistic Product Development

We used cutting edge technologies, methodologies and third party APIs to solve front-end, back-end, and UX problems. The Quick Left team engineered the web interface for Red Robin’s Red Royalty program, enabling customers to view their rewards in a fun, streamlined way, encouraging repeat visits.

Capacity Upgrades

Quick Left was able to help increase the capacity of the loyalty program’s web application by leveraging a well-established framework (Rails) and efficient application servers (Unicorn + Nginx). Red Robin knew they wanted to upgrade their systems but the extent to which all items had to work together was something our process and methodology uncovered. Integration with third party services allowed us to easily incorporate the types of features we were building and we also improved security by using a different authentication strategy that included giving users the option to authenticate via Twitter or Facebook.

Scalable and Secure

Higher traffic increases the probability of outages. It was imperative for the application to be consistently secure from malicious attacks. Quick Left's software solutions helped exceed these expectations. Our system collected granular demographic information about the user and created an invaluable resource for the Red Robin brand.

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