Keen IO is a fully managed cloud API that lets developers build complex, custom, large-scale analytics and data science features directly into their web, mobile, or Internet of Things applications. Quick Left built the next generation of Keen’s API querying dashboard in eight weeks, allowing users to get better insights into their event data.

Adapting to the Growing Power of's API

Keen needed an update to their consumer facing analytics dashboard, to keep it in-line with the growing power of their API. Their current version was outdated, and out of touch with their API product offering. Keen hired Quick Left to build a highly modular responsive web application to be open sourced by Keen so that their customers using their service could create their own personalized dashboards and take advantage of their API’s new query and chart features.

Advanced JavaScript Capabilities

We leveraged React.js, a highly performing user interface specific library, to build Keen a more powerful and customizable dashboard. We made sure to modularize the different parts of the app so Keen customers could get up and running as quickly as possible, but also so developers could customize the interface and persistence layers easily. In addition to using React.js for UI components & input handling, we used Backbone for the base app framework, NPM for dependency management, Browserify to compile modules for use in the browser, and GulpJS for a task/build runner.

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