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Jones eGlobal came to Quick Left to build a reference library application that could scale across many different platforms. The concept behind the “pocket library” was to create a white-labeled solution for expansion of the product offering. Expandable architecture was a paramount concern for the success of this application.

Jones eGlobal

Cross Platform Support

The client also needed to support a wide array of devices which prompted our use of Phonegap in order to reuse shared HTML and JavaScript across mobile phones, tablets and desktop browsers. Quick Left used Node.js and Backbone.js to accomplish this task, partly due to the client’s desire to embrace new technologies, but also because of our expertise in these areas.

Jones eGlobal

Multi-Tiered Development

From a technical standpoint, we had a high level of abstraction within this integration. We chose to divide the app out into three major responsibilities: service route handling, data management, and service integration. To ensure consistency throughout, we heavily relied on test-driven development.

Hardware Diversity

In order to support a wide array of devices, we selected PhoneGap to reuse shared HTML and JavaScript across mobile phones, tablets and desktop browsers. One of the huge roadblocks encountered during this process was the support of video across mobile devices. We were able to help the client to devise a strategy to host and provide secured video streaming capabilities with HTML5 and Backbone.js embedded on websites or wrapped to go on various mobile platforms.

Jones eGlobal

White Labeling

Jones also wanted to be able to reuse this app for many different knowledge-based domains. Knowing this, we architected a huge configurable system that would allow them to easily build domain specific versions of the app. Providing one unified interface, we integrated with another third party API that allowed users to aggregate search results across different domains.

Jones eGlobal

Test Driven Support

We built a robust Node architecture with SOAP integration. This provided an efficient server resource management, as well as mobile app distribution support. The completed system provides a proven solution for additional support.

Jones eGlobal

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