Aetna, previously iTriage, is a free application with comprehensive medical content that guides users through the symptom-to-provider pathway. Customers can search Aetna’s database of symptoms and be guided to possible causes with detailed information on each and determine an appropriate treatment path.

When Aetna needed to boost their team’s ability to deliver the next generation of consumer focused health apps, they turned to Quick Left. As development partners, we are building the next version of their core practitioner API, including advanced search capability, which will serve as the foundation for their new user experience. Aetna also leveraged our expertise to help build their analytics system which will power key insights for the company now and in the future. 


"As a rapidly growing company, finding capacity for all of our ambitious projects can be challenging. Quick Left was able to provide two teams of top-notch developers that were not only able to help us write code, but add value to our internal processes and leave us better off for the interaction. Many businesses can offer staff augmentation, but not every one can act as true consultants that can lend product insights, development best practices, and informal team training to the complete package. Quick Left is a no-brainer for anyone looking for a top web development company to work with."

Patrick Leonard, VP of Technology iTriage



High-Level Consultation to Scale the App

Aetna needed experts in the field to help manage their data and API. The problem was less about specific project deliverables and more about general knowledge and expertise on how to continually improve their application to fit the demand of their case studies. Their original app needed more robust architecture, and it was difficult to enhance and build new features as quickly as they wanted them. If they lost the ability to meet the needs of users because they are lacking a wide variety of data in their base, it would hurt their credibility as a leading health application.


Use of Elasticsearch

Prior search systems were not working well or scaling for Aetna. The Quick Left team researched the practical application of Elasticsearch to solve this problem and then pioneer the implementation strategy. Our developers were fully integrated into their team throughout the project and enabled Aetna to not only use the developers on site, but also draw upon the broad range of our teams’ experience, particularly on Elasticsearch, to successfully implement a long-term solution.



Our team is deeply imbedded in their agile development process. We participate in daily stand ups, bi-weekly planning sessions, constant communication in HipChat (the client’s preferred company communication tool), as well as regularly pairing with members of their team. One of the unique aspects of this engagement was remote pairing through Screenhero. We were able to effectively overcome the distance between our offices and work on the code simultaneously. Our close relationship and trust enabled a very positive, open feedback loop, ultimately leading to better delivery and a more efficient process.


Collaboration Through an Adaptable Agile Process

When interacting with Aetna members, our team was regarded. The product owner hired Quick Left because of our solid reputation and Adaptable Agile process. As new needs emerged, Aetna was able to maintain an exclusive relationship with Quick Left, as we were always finding ways to fit their needs.

As an example of solidarity of our two teams working together; Aetna put together a small task force to solve a company problem and included Quick Left developers on that team. Quick Left consultants have also been a part of the hiring process for new Senior Developers, again speaking to the quality of the relationship.

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