Gociety, a social network for people who love the outdoors, looked to Quick Left for product strategy, not just visual design on top of their ideas, and we helped guide them toward an appropriate & scalable initial mobile product. Quick Left was tasked to create a mobile experience that compliments the existing web application and integrated with the existing API infrastructure. The end result was an application that allows users to see what the community at large is planning. We finished the engagement in 11 weeks, validating our estimate that the project would start off slowly as we created the architectural implementations, but would enjoy increasing velocity as those patterns became repeatable. 


Enhanced User Experience

Building upon our designs and wireframes, Quick Left was able to build a fast, fluid and intuitive mobile companion to the Gociety web application. The intent of the product could not be fully realized until it went mobile on customers could use it in real time. 

Another solution we implemented impacted how users would identify their activity categories, specific sports and intensities. This required specialized knowledge of the user, UX insight, and technical expertise from both the application and API teams.

Advanced JavaScript for Mobile

From a business perspective, we wanted to use a language and set of frameworks that would be easy for the Gociety technical team to pick up, which steered us towards using JavaScript -- ultimately Cordova (PhoneGap), React.js, Ampersand.js, and Ratchet on the application side with Grunt used for building and testing.  We worked hand-in-hand with the Gociety team on a daily basis to help evolve the API and extend the endpoints in a way that made the mobile application possible while also speaking to improvements in the business as a whole, resulting in changes to their web application, bringing the two into parity.


Feature Development

In terms of feature development, we included the ability to register and login via email or Facebook, create plans, browse and filter upcoming plans by category and region, join interesting plans, approve join requests, add comments and photo comments, view profiles & user activity, and receive notifications pertaining to plans and user updates. If the firehose gets too big, users can filter by activity, region and timeframe, ultimately customizing their feed experience within the app. 



Weekly stand-ups, participation in Sprint.ly and busy email threads facilitated quick feedback loops and expedited blocker busting. In addition, several milestone meetings brought the teams together to discuss nomenclatures, user experience and app flow. Open minds and the collective wisdom yielded strong decisions for the final product. The Gociety developer tasked with their API was also working across the globe which could have been a roadblock but we easily surpassed any complications by having constant communication and setting clear expectations around how the project should be coordinated. Finally, pair programming and thorough user testing allowed for many defects to be identified and addressed prior to release. We completed the project with no outstanding items remaining and a very satisfied client.

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