Collective IP


Collective IP built a MVP web application as a proof of concept for their company. Collective IP connects technologies and researchers from public and private institutions with commercialization professionals. After validating their business model, it was time to build a version of the application for the mainstream market.

Quick Left worked with Collective IP to perform a complete UX/UI overhaul of the existing application. We conducted competitive research, create user personas, and ultimately created the final designs for their web platform.

Collective IP

Design with Company Values in Mind

Collective IP needed to streamline the User Experience of their platform to make it easier for all types of users to find, list, connect and eventually act on the right types of IP in their respective niche. Collective IP's core value proposition is to connect the right people, companies, and institutions to the right IP, and they realized their UX needed to reflect that.

Collective IP

Complete UX Design Overhaul

We delivered on the full Quick Left UX process from User Personas and testing all the way to annotated designs that were built on true user need. What was really unique about this engagement was our ability to integrate into the Collective IP team seamlessly and absorb an amazing amount of domain knowledge in a very short amount of time.

Collective IP

Delivery: From MVP to V1

Quick Left was an invaluable resource for Collective IP to hurdle over its existing MVP User Experience into a polished platform that would serve as the perfect foundation for future iterations. Our UX practices and discoveries will resonate through the platform for years to come.  

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