ZingProject Launch Party

(Here's pics from the launch party!) Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Quick Left is partnering with ZingProject to host their launch party March 13. We asked Anthony Hildoer, CTO + Co-founder of ZingProject, to tell us a bit more about the project management software.

We’re ZingProject and we’re hosting our official launch party with the awesome folks at Quick Left on 3/13/13 from 6pm – 9pm. We think you should be there, and we know you’ll have a good time. What is Zing? Find out at the launch party March 13.

The business world is changing. More clients, more projects, and thanks to technology we can do it quickly. But there is a huge issue with the current softwares out there, everyone can see everything. So if you’re managing multiple clients, you need multiple accounts. Not exactly enjoyable. We solved that problem, collaboration is a cornerstone of our software.

ZingProject is built in a way that allows you to manage multiple accounts, clients, freelance work, gigs, you name it. Our network system allows you to build as many unique pods of collaborators as you can dream up. (Our Marketing Director has 6 clients on her dashboard, including us!)

There is a subtlety here which may not be obvious: we don’t use the term “account”, or “adding users”. ZingProject is more social, and each person owns their own user. A user is an ‘account’ all by itself, and its free. Forever.

So what does that mean for you? Well, your day job can invite you to their network to collaborate on the new web design project. You can invite your family into a network to organize the big family reunion. And that side volunteer gig you picked up via Catchafire? You can have a network for that too. When you log in, you’ll see all of this in one place.

Since everyone can add anyone as a collaborator, you can collaborate seamlessly and endlessly with other ZingProject users. And best of all, you can do all this and only log in once.

The great thing about being new is we have time. Time to get to know you, and time to build ZingProject into the best system out there. We’re sticking around, we promise. Heck, we’re already gaining traction in a super saturated market, we think that is a good sign.

So come on, give us a try. We’re sure you’ll like what you see. If you don’t or if you feel as if something is missing use the feedback button to tell us about it. We will do our best to make it right. We’re like that.