A Year in Gif-view: 2015 Annual Report in Reaction Gifs

Around this time last year, we sent you a glossy, corporate-y, javascript-y annual report. This year we’ve decided to shake it up. We’re presenting this year in review as narrated by reaction gifs. Thank you for keeping it real with us this year. We look forward to delivering our award-winning software consulting services throughout 2016… and many, many, many more years.


Just as every year of Quick Left yore, there’s always a bit of a slowdown in Q4. (Winter was coming)



The 2014 Q4 hurt A LOT more than years’ past. We lost some people we cared for and it resonated personally and professionally in 2015.



I’ve faced adversity before, but this was a monumental challenge our company and I faced, and I was still a QL newbie.



The burden wasn’t all on me, of course. Our senior leadership team really stepped up and pulled out all the stops – long hours, data analysis, and process became paramount. We changed a few things.



Some more junior within Quick Left became leaders. Privates were field promoted to officers.



I’m forever grateful of the unwavering trust – trust in the brand, trust in each other, and even trust in me, a newbie, after that quarter of lackluster results.



Change is good even if it’s being created from something that caused a terabyte of pain.



You could say we ‘grew up’ a bit literally. This caused us to look at how we wanted to build back up our team dynamic over the course of 2015. This allowed us to focus on being more inclusive in our hiring process, resulting in greater diversity within our organization across all spectrums, which has brought some fantastic differing viewpoints.



With this renewed emphasis on delivery, and people internally dedicated to the finer, non-code details of projects, we’re happy to report that our clients rank our work at an average of a 9 out of 10 on the weekly NPS surveys we now send.



We can’t forget about the front of the house either. I am not only convinced, I am positive that we have one of the best sales, marketing, and ops teams of any services business I’ve seen or been a part of. We adopted a new sales process, pricing model, and lead generation tactics.



Adding structure that allowed the company to help our engineers line up their educational and career building goals to coincide with day to day work, prompted more developer happiness and a renewed emphasis on code as craft.



All these groups not only endured some of the tough times, they also helped construct this new process and the Quick Left Way (Adding the money cat didn’t hurt us either).



As our VP of Engineering stated when we decided to open source our new processes, “We spend most of our lives at work, it’s important that we own part of it. When we write things down, we make them open to everyone. Transparency is a core value at Quick Left.”


I’m publishing the real Quick Left story because I know other companies large and small face similar obstacles and successes, too.



It takes time and pressure to catalyze change. In our quest to reach our finest form, we’ve realized sometimes it’s better to be a rare gem that takes a little more time to perfect itself.



We’re one step closer to accomplishing our mission – to become the software development company whose design and development services are globally renowned so the world can realize their software goals faster and more efficiently.


I’m very proud of the changes our team has implemented over 2015. Because of their teamwork, dedication and hard work we’ve erased our historical Q4 slump and are so busy we need to hire in December. I’ve never worked with a better group of people from top to bottom, and I owe them a debt for their suggestions for change, their trust in the changes we made, and their commitment to our #1 value: be nice!


Happy holidays!