Working with an Outside Development Team

Maybe you need to beat your competitors to be first to market. Maybe you need to keep promises you've made to investors and customers (or more likely, promises your boss has made). Maybe you need to keep your product moving forward while you find the right hire. In each case, contracting an outside development team can be an effective strategy if you manage geographic distance, technical expertise, and budget smartly.

Join us for our first Quick Cast webinar March 19 if you'd like to hear lessons learned from those who have been there.

We've invited customers Jeremiah Lee, former Director of Product for out of San Francisco and Gabe Monroy, CTO for OpDemand here in Boulder, to share their thoughts on how to select a development partner, integrate them with your internal team, and smoothly transition away from them at the end of the engagement.

Register for Get Inside the Outside Dev Team now. Did I mention it's free? See you there.