Where Are Your Wearables Hackfest?

Featured in Built in Colorado

Aided by the increased processing speed of chips, capacity of batteries and precision of sensor technologies, devices are becoming smaller, faster and more feature heavy than ever before. Where is the power of wearables going? We’re bringing it in hackfest form to Boulder, CO! Register now for our hackfest Jan 28th and find out (or make it happen).

With the Quick Left wearable hackfest, we want take wearable data beyond the miles you pedal or calories burned. We want wearables to be useful in your daily life. Colorado is the fittest state in the US, and we think it’s the smartest, too. Let’s combine both-tis the season for workin’ on your fitness. If you’ve got ideas on what to do with health and exercise data (for humans, your pets or….), you’ll want to get your hack on at Quick Left!

  • Wednesday Jan 28th, doors open at 6pm, hacking begins at 6:30
  • Free beer and food provided by our awesome sponsors
  • Teams formed night of
  • Hack for 3 hrs (no previous feature design or code written, please)
  • Winners will be chosen by our sponsors (hint, hint)

Thanks to our sponsor, Jeanine Snyder of Northwestern Mutual we’ll have pizza and beer fueling your fit ideas (oh, the irony). Sparkfun is supplying the night with LilyPad Design Kits, and Fitbit is giving away 3 Fitbit Flex wristbands to the winning team!