We like the North Boulder Park Classic

This year, Quick Left has the opportunity to sponsor the Category 4 women's prize list for the 2010 North Boulder Park Classic. This criterium has a long and rich history in Boulder—it started out in the mid 1970's as a stage in the Red Zinger and later on in the Coors Classic. The town of Boulder was so enamored with bike racing that the Red Zinger Mini Classic races soon followed.

I got my start racing with the Mini Classics back in 1986 at age 12. I got second to last in my first race. I didn't have real lycra bike shorts. I had one of those white Bell hardshell helmets with the red reflective tape. But I came back the next year anyway. I was hooked.

1987 was the Red Zinger Mini Classic's 10th Anniversary year. Here I am with my red Gitane complete with the suicide brakes, reflectors and the small non-standard sized wheels. My Bell helmet is covered with my team lycra cover for the team competition, which I thought made me way less dorky. (Lycra was very new and exciting back then.)

I'm starting near the back, and my results weren't exactly memorable. But I kept at it. Slowly but surely, I improved and made it to the national level. Here we are racing at the Casper Classic in Wyoming in 1992.

Man, I miss that white Brooks saddle with the copper rivets…

It's amazing how many lessons and skills learned from cycling translate into running a company. The pressure, the preparation, the training, the teamwork. Keeping things going even if you are terrible at first, even if you get discouraged, even if you mess one up, even if you don't have the coolest equipment or you think everyone else knows so much more than you.

The Category 4 women are the beginners in cycling, and we at Quick Left wish them the very best in their race on Saturday. Have a great race, ladies!