Virtual Rube Goldberg Machines….and YOLO?

Over 100 Boulder and Denver software developers kicked off our Rube Goldberg Hackfest, but only four teams survived to present their machines in the end. Who knew devs were so interested in YOLO tweets (which were a recurring theme for the evening)?

The 'Rude Goldbergs' took the victory with a non-YOLO tweet, then a phone call, which in turn vibrated a pebble watch, triggering it to fall into a bowl with a kickstand, where the kickstand hit the return key, and the return key started playing a video of "That's All Folks!" And just like the last Hackfest, our winning team came together the night of the event.

Again thank you to our sponsors Gnip, KST, ATOMS, and MobiPlug. Your presence and toys were much appreciated!

If you missed this Hackfest, we'll let it slide and give you ample time to get ready to kick off Boulder Startup Week on May 14 with our next one: Bikes & Bytes National Bike Month Hackfest. We'll also give away a set of Ignite Boulder tickets, too.