uGurus Interview with Ingrid Alongi: Growing Pains and the Benefit of Diversifying Revenue

In an interview with our Co-Founder and CEO of Consulting Ingrid Alongi, Brent Weaver of uGurus asks her about the growth of the company and the benefits of diversifying revenue. She briefly discusses what we do here at Quick Left and tells us about the merger with Throughout the interview Brent and Ingrid discuss the uniqueness of the merger with

Ingrid tells Brent that the combination of a product and service is not an easy move because the work streams can be really different. But we were able to find a perfect marriage with the product, who share our company values and goals.

She discusses the excitement of the new product, which sets the stone for more products in the future. Of course, there will still be the main focus on consulting, as it is the core of Quick Left. Ingrid explains the environment here at Quick Left, “It's sort of like an internal labs kind of environment where people that work at Quick Left can bubble up product ideas and get them built and launched.” She’s excited about the diversity of revenue streams, especially because products are recurring revenue.

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