Top 10 Technical Blog Posts of 2015

It’s been quite the year for blogging at Quick Left. 

As we look back at our content strategy from the last year, we realize that our main strategy was to have no strategy… Please, allow me to explain.

We wanted to allow our highly skilled, highly experience software developers to write about their experiences, their observations, and explorations in technology. We hire great people – so our goal is to let them shine by writing what they want to write about. 

Our commitment to new Open Web Technologies lends itself to great material for our readers. Our developers discover real-time problems and solutions; these are problems we’re sure you’ve encountered (or will encounter) as well.

So, without further adieu, and in no particular order, here are our top 10 blog posts from 2015.

Shine on, bloggers. 


  1. 6 Things you should know about WordPress moving to JavaScript
  2. How to Create and Expire List items in Reddis
  3. Defusing Race Conditions when Using Promises
  4. How to Perform a CSS Audit: Stylesheets Don’t Have to be Awful
  5. AngularJS Unit Testing – For Real, Though
  6. Six Reasons We Split Front-end and Back-end Code Into Two Git Repositories
  7. Testing Flux Applications
  8. Integrating React with Backbone
  9. Measuring Client-side JavaScript Test Coverage With Istanbul
  10. Pattern Matching In Elixir


PS: Such was our motivation to show developer-produced content, our most prolific blog writer and Engineering Lead Ben Lewis created a 3 part blog series dedicated to the art of blogging. If you are a developer looking to start writing, don’t miss it. Enjoy: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3