The intertwined relationship of coding and music

As semi-official infrequent music 'master and commander' at QuickLeft due to a diagnosable case of music obsession, I can often be found thinking about coding and music together. Such as, 'What can I play over our sound system that won't distract someone?', 'Is it party time?', 'Who is going to angrily comment first when the Skrillex starts up?' (hint: the usual suspect), 'What if it was the Bloody Beetroots instead? (hint: I've seen previously mentioned usual suspect get down to some BB in the office)'.

Its a complex balancing act from volume to song selection and everyone's tastes are subtly different, so what's the best way to select something that'll offend the least amount of people without just going with Reggae?

With the rise of, Pandora, Grooveshark, SoundCloud, and our personal favorite: RDIO, there are more than a few options for music selection and consumption. Plus, everyone and their mother has a mix up on a blog somewhere and those occasionally are spectacular and a great way to discover new music.

These are just a few of the options we've used to enjoy music while coding and we wanted to share our 'Heavy Rotation' in the office via RDIO.

So, in preparation for our Hackfast – API Mashup tomorrow Taylor and I put together a page using the RDIO API and a bit of quick and dirty javascript. This pulls in from Collin's RDIO account, which we use in the office to play music everyday. It reflects our current tastes and what we listen to most frequently. Its a mix of new music and classics, that have soundtracked our coding for the last couple of weeks. It'll change frequently as we keep listening, so check back in for updates on the page.

QL Listens

Now for a bit of the codes:

Taylor's Sinatra App:

Post up what types of music you find best to code to in the comments! See you tomorrow at the hackfest!