The Gift of GIFing

GIFs may seem like a trivial part of who we are when, in fact, I believe it speaks volumes about the company culture. The most popular site for GIFs, GIPHY, was even created by one of our own, Jace Cooke. An introduction to this site was actually part of my on-boarding process, meaning not only are they acceptable to send …they are encouraged! The proliferation of GIFs is rampant on our internal communications tool, Slack.

What does this mean to our team?

lots of laughter in our office.

Laughter in general increases happiness, optimism, creativity, analytic precision, personal connections, group bonding, and teamwork. The mental benefits include stress relief, improvement in mood, enhanced resilience, and ease of anxiety and fear. As if that wasn’t enough, there are also the physical benefits that include a boost in immunity, increased cardiovascular strength, lower stress hormones, decreased pain levels, prevention of heart disease, a lower heart rate, and muscle relaxation. A study performed by Stanford University shows 30 seconds of deep belly laughter is equivalent to 10 minutes of strenuous rowing – also a great ab workout, what?! Yes, the whole QL team is well on their way to six pack abs.

reaction cat

Being in Boulder, I’d be remiss if I didn’t also highlight the ability that humor has to clear the mind and increase focus. Some employers may think GIFs could serve as a distraction, but many studies have shown it has the exact opposite effect — taking nothing away from productivity while adding a multitude of benefits. I personally have found a quick GIF break can give my mind a few seconds of R&R enabling me to work for longer periods of time… with more joy .

GIFs are a launching pad for connections

exploding gymnast

connections that don’t end in explosions.

Loyalty is the next big quality that humor can contribute to. I want to work at QL, I feel grateful to be around people that also WANT to work at QL. We are here because our work is intellectually stimulating and we strongly believe in the companies’ values, leadership, and quality of work. We come up with great solutions to problems because we respect each other enough to be honest and give critical feedback. We each bring our true selves to the table, not having to hide who we are in the name of stiff “old school” professionalism or the fear of being judged. We can make jokes and be light hearted all while appreciating each others contributions, value to the team, and intellect. It’s really a beautiful thing.

Great leaders have a great sense of humor

Supervisors that use humor in their management style foster greater work performance, satisfaction, and cohesion among their team. They are perceived as better leaders and assets to their company at large. Ultimately this all leads to happy employees creating better quality products because they love their company and want to represent them in the best light they can.

HR approved – high five

A few other fun facts to consider if you are thinking about in-surging some GIF Culture into your business. An industry-wide study of over 2,500 people found that 55% of workers would take less pay to have more fun at work. This means a majority of people would literally take a pay cut for a more light-hearted work environment. Humor reduces burnout, turnover, and contributes to less sick days. Improvements to employees’ coping mechanisms, reduction of withdrawal, and overall attrition had also been a delightful side effect of humor at work.

In conclusion,

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There is little success where there is little laughter.”
– Andrew Carnegie

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