The business of company blogging

I thought I knew a lot about blogging when I started this job. However, the past eight months have taught me much about launching a blog, keeping it going and getting others to help out with care & maintenance of the beast. Like most good things, the Quick Left company blog is definitely a product of the entire team.

Why blog?

Short answer: duh.

Longer answer: according to Technorati's State of the Blogosphere 2010 report, the top ways blogging has helped individuals with a business are…

* greater industry visibility (64%)
* acquired new customers, made sales (58%)
* built thought leadership (54%)
* asked to speak at conferences (32%)
* helped recruit employees (17%)

How did we start blogging?

This step was honestly the most difficult. From the first day I started working at Quick Left, I sounded like a broken record with my request to get a blog going already. We set one up on Tumblr, before deciding to move to Posterous. After realizing some limitations with that service, it finally became apparent what needed to happen…we had to build our own blog. We did that, tweaking features along the way and making the blog act as we wanted it to. The process of getting the blog online proved to be itself a team effort, with everyone pitching in to help.

How do we keep the blog going?

We are currently using Pivotal Tracker to maintain the consistency of blog posting. By splitting up the responsibilities, we can make sure that everyone is contributing and that the blog is truly representative of our company as a whole. The last thing we wanted was just to have one voice on our blog and by assigning a few posts a week to different people, the blog can feature all the various areas of our expertise without asking too much of any one person.

What have we noticed over the past eight months?

We’re definitely still in the process of building our blog, but based on page views and our number of subscribers, we know that there are people out there reading. Not many, but a dedicated few.

Our three most popular posts of 2010 were:

Besides having a platform to show off our knowledge and the cool projects we’re working on, we’ve also found that having a blog has been beneficial for hiring because it allows us to share our company culture and personality. People want to know what kind of a dev shop we are and the answer, quite honestly, is that we aren’t robots. We enjoy laughing, beer and one another. I think our blog communicates that quite well.

In addition to attracting the best developers, this display of company culture translates to more business because clients can get an idea of the people that are behind the building of their technology. Plus, by establishing our coding expertise and letting the local community know what we’re doing, we’re able to help support the development ecosystem within Boulder and contribute our resources to the greater good.

But enough about us…what would you like to be seeing from us in this space over the course of 2011?

(If you answer includes more pictures of Sam, then we’re happy to oblige.)

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