The Adventuring QLers

Featured in Built in Colorado

As craftsmen we put our hearts into the work we do everyday in Boulder, Portland and San Francisco, but as healthy individuals we also enjoy adventures.

When hired at QL we want each employee to know our core values, so they have access to our intranets where our purpose and values live:

“Our Purpose: Provide world class software engineering, consulting and training while in a sustainable and healthy work environment.

Our Values 2.0

  • Craftsmanship
  • Be Nice
  • Transparency
  • Collaboration
  • Solutions Oriented
  • Pragmatism
  • Positivity

With one rule: Be awesome and support others in being awesome. That’s how amazing things happen.”

You should already know that we love blogging about ways to Make Your Web Pages Faster, jQuery’s Source code, and Engineering Lunches. We wanted to give you a taste of how we fill our weekends.

I am learning more and more that these people are not only brilliant software developers, they are really creative, interesting, and adventurous individuals. Here are just a few of the many examples, but hopefully you can see that as QLers we carry our values and purpose in and out of our work.

Grant climbed Mt. Adams:

Mike and Bob went downhilling in Winter Park:

Blair hiked his first 14er Mt Bierstadt:

Laura went birding to see Burrowing Owls:

Justin A. went backpacking near the Gorge:

Rachel participated in many parts of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge:

ps. she was the only chick in this group

Brent visited the coast of Oregon:

Alex M. spent the summer mountain biking in PDX:

Nick S is writing a documentary on vacant house fires in Youngstown, OH #firechaser :

Phoung spent some time exploring Greece:

Mark dirt biked in Summitville:

Jace and Rachel raced the Steamboat Stinger. Jace bit it pretty hard, evidence below:

Christa hiked two 13ers South Arapahoe Peak and Ole Baldy:

Jason hiked to Hanging Lake (before he broke himself):

Chris rafted the White Salmon River:

Aaron hiked to Mohawk Lakes:

Amanda hiked Mount Quandary:

Alex J. visited the Oregon coast with the fam:

Yes, we may be weekend warriors, but we are the winningest of the warriors.

Adventure on!

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