Quick Left @ WorldBlu LIVE 2013

After being at Quick Left for almost 2 years, I’ve heard much buzz about WorldBlu from Ingrid. WorldBlu is a global network of organizations committed to practicing freedom and democracy in the workplace. We’ve been a WorldBlu company for 2 years in a row, so I was excited to venture down to Denver for the WorldBlu LIVE conference to engage with other freedom-seekers and soak in all the speakers. On day 2 of the conference, Ingrid spoke in an afternoon panel discussion titled “Women Leading Freedom-Centered Companies” about rewriting the rules of business by taking a democratic approach to management style and organizational design.

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Quick Left makes WorldBlu’s 2012 List of Most Democratic Workplaces

Running a business that is not only profitable but that also enriches lives is extremely important to me. Throughout my career as a software engineer I’ve sometimes felt like I was just just another “resource” making sure that “deliverables” were delivered. I knew that there must be another way. What would the world be like if people were treated with dignity in their jobs, and given the freedom to grow and thrive? I’ve always tried to stick to these ideals in the growth of Quick Left, and it was truly a treat to see that there were others who shared our vision.

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