8 Startups From Mergelane Demo Day Provide Solutions to Our Everyday Needs

Last week a handful of QLers attended and volunteered at the first ever MergeLane Demo Day. MergeLane is an accelerator program that mentors and funds companies with women founders. The CEO and Founder of MergeLane, Sue Heilbronner, opened the event with a discussion about pride, and how proud she was to be surrounded by a community of mentors, startups and investors, that have been so supportive of MergeLane's efforts. The conference room at the St. Julian was completely packed, and the awesome turnout reminded me just how interconnected and instrumental the Boulder tech community really is.

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Quick Left Attends the 2015 WILD Summit

Last week the Marketing team attended the 2015 Women Inspiring Leadership Development (WILD) Summit, a conference that brings together women from various industries who share their experiences and inspire each other to lead. I cannot tell you how many inspirational and passionate women were at this conference! From students jump starting their careers, to women who have been in the workforce but are looking to pivot, to seasoned leaders whose actions have afforded younger women the opportunities we are so fortunate to hold today, every woman had encouraging advice for each person in the room.

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