Building D3 Components with React: Part 1

D3 is a powerful library for creating visualizations with JavaScript. While it allows a high-level of customizations, it can be challenging to create isolated, declarative components. Thankfully, this is something React does really well. While there are libraries for integrating the two, I’ve found creating a custom integration to work best for my purposes. We’ll walk through a basic example of how this integration works as well as some lessons learned along the way.

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What are the ethics of web scraping?

Someone recently asked: "Is web scraping an ethical concept?" I believe that web scraping is absolutely an ethical concept. Web scraping (or screen scraping) is a mechanism to have a computer read a website. There is absolutely no technical difference between an automated computer viewing a website and a human-driven computer viewing a website. Furthermore, if done correctly, scraping can provide many benefits to all involved.

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High Level Hints: 4 Hosting Options For Software Companies

This post is part of a series of High Level Hints that help you understand the business of software development. Part glossary, part tutorial, the series aims to arm you with the knowledge you need to run a software project or company.

When you talk to a software development company about writing an application for you or your company, they might mention 'hosting' casually. If you don't know exactly what this means and what your options are, you're in the right place. Quick Left knows, and we can explain it to you in simple terms that make sense. Read on!

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