Backbone.js Tutorials for Beginners: Training Workshop with Quick Left

You asked, and we answered. We're bringing sexy back to Backbone.js. Sign up today for our Intro to Backbone.js workshop July 25 at Galvanize in Denver. Early bird pricing on registration ends tomorrow! Space is limited.

Eventbrite - Intro to Backbone.js Training Workshop

Learn to use the Backbone.js library to organize your JavaScript, simplify data handling, and speed development. Implement Backbone to provide structure to web applications by creating models, collections, and views, and connecting them to your existing API over a RESTful JSON interface.

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Learn Programming at our Playing With Ruby Workshop

If you're curious about programming but don't want to commit to a lengthy course of study just yet, you might be interested in a workshop that Jessica and I are leading titled Playing With Ruby. Like the other workshops, it's on Wed, Sep 19, the first day of Rocky Mountain Ruby conference in Boulder, CO. We intend for it to be a little different than the typical Programming 101 class:
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Web Development Training Tips

The votes are in and we've declared our first Intro to Backbone.js training a success (granted, we called the election early and ignored the absentee ballots). Regardless, we thought we'd share a couple of things that we recommend to others who may run a training event of their own:
  • Make your slides accessible online during the event
  • Let attendees focus their code on the topic at hand
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