Startup Strava Challenge: Week 4

Hello again!

The weather was nice (besides the weird tornado-like storm), and it shows with the amount of activities logged this past week!

One team in particular gets to take home the lovely "Lantern Rouge", and I think many people can guess who it is..... River and Lark! Congratulations on your non-activities!

On to the overall standings approaching the final stretch of the competition:

  1. Authentic Form and Function with 81.2
  2. Radio 360 with 81.1
  3. Room 214 with 71.6

Read on to see where your Startup Strava Challenge team stacks up!

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Startup Strava Challenge: Week 3

Going into the 3rd week, and we're pleased to award Radio 360 with an average of 3,207 ft climbed. Thanks to Skratch Labs and The Feed for supporting our challengers!

The overall competition standings are as follows in overall miles:

  1. Radio 360 with 50.8
  2. Room214 with 48.3
  3. Authentic Form and Function with 43.3

Read on to find out where your favorite team stands and the weekly competition.

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Startup Strava Challenge: Week 1

We are 5 days in and the amount of exercising has been incredible!

During this first week of the Startup Strava Challenge we are challenging each company to get as many people out and exercising as they can! We want to see participation!

Check out what everyone is saying from the participating companies!

Simple Energy

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