Actually MVP

In the startup world, there is a lot of talk about building Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). At this point, the concept has become so well-accepted that it has almost become a kind of unquestioned dogma. Yet there is a lot of disagreement about what MVP is exactly, and how to carry it out. Many people in the software industry assume that they know what MVP means, and claim to be using the process, but their production workflow tells a different story.

When it comes to building software, it is often tempting to take an approach akin to building a skyscraper: write the blueprints, obtain the necessary prequisites, then build it to spec. But software is a quickly shifting market. A businessperson may think she knows what the market wants, and plan and begin a project to meet that desire. But by the time the product is built, the needs of consumers have often morphed in a direction that she could never have foreseen.

In this post, we'll take explore some common misconceptions about MVP, some different ways to approach building one in software, and how to best use this tool if you're the CEO or CTO of a startup, a product manager for an established company, or a consultant.

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ZingProject Launch Party

Quick Left is partnering with ZingProject to host their launch party March 13. We asked Anthony Hildoer, CTO + Co-founder of ZingProject, to tell us a bit more about the project management software.

(Here's pics from the launch party!) Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

We’re ZingProject and we’re hosting our official launch party with the awesome folks at Quick Left on 3/13/13 from 6pm - 9pm. We think you should be there, and we know you’ll have a good time. What is Zing?

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