Building A Ruby List Comprehension

As developers, we're in the business of continually bettering ourselves. Part of that process is pushing ourselves to learn and use better code patterns, try new libraries, and pick up new languages. For me, the latest self-learning project has been picking up Python.

As I’ve worked with it, I’ve discovered the joy of list comprehensions, and I’ve been wondering what it would take to implement a similar syntax in Ruby. I decided to give it a try. This exercise yielded several insights into the inner workings of Ruby, which we'll explore in this post.

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Meet the Team: QLer Flora

Next up in our Meet the Team series, say hello to Flora from Portland. Flora grew up in the Northwest, but came to Portland only after a decade exploring San Francisco, New York, and London. She holds an MA, Distinction, in Cultural Studies from the University of London (UK), though she ultimately decided to leave the academy in 2009 to pursue career alternatives (which make us happy!). Discovering a love for the Python language and community early on, Flora contributes much of her free time to spreading that love to other women programmers as co-organizer of the Portland chapter of Pyladies. In her free time she enjoys watching indie films, listening to old punk and soul records, knitting, reading French theory, and indulging her obsession with James Spader. What else makes Flora tick? Read more!

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