How to Measure Technical Success

Measuring a team or single developer's success is tricky. It's well documented that any kind of performance measuring is ripe for being gamed. You spend weeks evaluating and hiring only the smartest people available; they know how to bump up their numbers.

So how do you determine if a team is firing on all cylinders?

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How to Perform a CSS Audit: Stylesheets Don’t Have to be Awful

When we begin work on an existing codebase, one of the first things we will do is a CSS Audit. The main impact of disorganized and poorly maintained CSS are slower development as a team wades through unclear code, and a broken site, as poorly scoped selectors result in collisions and overriding of styles.

This audit process assesses how organized the project's CSS is, how up to date the pipeline for evaluating and building it is, and how well structured and disciplined the team is that writes the CSS. Here are the steps you could use to run your own CSS Audit.

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3 Reasons Why Investing in an MVP is Worth It

As a fan of everyday technology, it’s difficult to understate the impact of Steve Jobs. He had one particular peccadillo, though, that I didn’t fully understand before working at Quick Left. He maniacally insisted that the insides of the machines that Apple built -- machines that would never be opened by a customer -- were to be beautiful. I am here to argue that the insides of your web and mobile applications -- the codebases of which will never be inspected by your customers -- should be beautiful.

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