Quick Left Portland Hosts Hack the Dot Hackfest for

On November 12, 2015, in Portland, Oregon, a new domain was born. Hackable. Humorous. Hippos? 

A Hack the Dot is an two hour hackathon extravaganza where coding school students, junior developers, experienced developers, marketers, and designers came together to an idea based on a top level domain provided by With TLDs like .ninja, .rocks, .social, and .dance in their arsenal, there were so many great options to get creative. In the end, reigned victorious and, after some nervous chatter on the part of the participants, work got underway designing the greatest House of Hippos ever conceived for a website.  

Take a look at some of the magic below: 

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Meet the team: QLer Andrea Kelly

Andrea Kelly is a Marketer who joins the QL team in Portland. She made her way back to the United States after traveling and working in Chile for the past 7 years. Originally from Eugene, Oregon, her international travel bug started early; her mother is from Chile, and she lived in Seoul, South Korea for her formative years of childhood. Andrea’s interest in the way people communicate lead her to a degree in Journalism from the University of Oregon and a Masters in Strategic Communications from the Universidad Católica de Chile. Most recently she was managing Merchant Marketing for Groupon Latin America where she was inspired by the positive ways technology helped local businesses in the region. In her free time she enjoys being in nature, taking pictures, speaking Spanish, and baking delicious things to share.


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Meet the Team: QLer Milan Loveless

A self-proclaimed math/science nerd, artist, Web developer and graphics programmer, Milan Loveless can add QLer to his long list of attributes. Originally from Burlington, Vermont, Milan moved to Portland in 2009. In 2012, he graduated from the Art Institute of Portland with a BFA in Video Game Art & Design. Soon after he began working in Web development, mastering Node.js, Ruby, and C++. In his free time he enjoys going on bike rides, hiking, playing board games and folding origami models. Milan injects his creative energy into his work and life. As an active member of the Portland tech community, he volunteers his time and skill to noteworthy causes regularly. Most notably, he contributes to the Firefox Web Animation API and has participated in several game jams held by the Portland Indie Game Squad. Catch up with him on Twitter: @MilanLoveless

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Meet the Team: QLer Elaine O.

Elaine Oliver, an Australian/American dual citizen, is a recent addition to the Quick Left sales team and to the city of Portland. Her energetic, extroverted spirit is a wonderful addition to both. After getting her degree in Graphic Design from Redlands, she spent most of her adult life living in Sydney and working as a retail technology trainer. After 6 years, she decided to pack up her life to travel the world. Playing with elephants and cycling to the top of a Sri Lankan mountain are only a couple of her treasured memories from her past year and half wanderlusting around SE Asia, Europe and the US. In her free time, she enjoys riding bikes, climbing and playing soccer.

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Meet the Team: QLer Randall G.

Born and raised in Oregon, Randall A. Gordon enjoys all manner of things which speak using 1s and 0s, especially those which are connected to the interwebs. Beyond code, his hobbies include desktop fabrication (small scale CNC milling), DJing, music production, photography, fashion, snowboarding and mountain biking. He landed in Portland in 2013 eager to join its vibrant tech scene and can often be found at local Meetups—if you see him don't be shy, say "hi"!

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