Portland, We Salute You! Portland Startup Week Recap

Entrepreneurs, developers, media and participants of Portland, thank you. Your city embraced the first Portland Startup Week like no other. Of all the Startup Weeks and Weekends I’ve participated in, this was the first that had live television coverage onsite and a constant stream of articles published for the general public as a whole – not just those involved in the tech and startup scene. Way to engage your entire community – maybe Boulder and Denver will do this in 2015 (hint, hint)! Here’s my Portland Startup Week recap complete with published articles in business journals, techie bloggers, mainstream TV coverage, 140-character tweets, pictures and one amazing keynote from my very first hackfest as a participant and not just the host! 


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Quick Left Does Portland Startup Week 2015!

We've been a staple in every inaugural Startup Week scene starting in 2010 with Boulder Startup Week (any coincidence that Quick Left was founded in the same year?). When Denver Startup Week kicked off two years ago, you bet we were involved as a sponsor, speaker and event host. Now in its first year (along with several other cities nationally and globally), Portland is hosting its first Startup Week, and coincidentally we just opened our new office in the heart of downtown. And, yep, you guessed it - we'll be there in Quick Left style February 2-6 because we can't miss a party. 

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