Sprintly Performance Update

This was originally posted on the blog about how we spent the last few months helping the Sprintly team land a massive performance refactor.

Last week we helped Sprintly launch a dramatic increase in front end performance. We are built on Backbone.js and, over time, our rendering times have slowed down. Luckily, using some of the great tools in the latest versions of Chrome and a few additional tools for instrumenting how the Sprintly frontend was performing, fixing it was dramatically easier than it would have been just a few months ago.

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Dispatches from Class: Performance-Tuning Your Code

Welcome to Dispatches from Class, a blog series where I attempt to connect the theory I'm learning in my computer science classes with web development.

As software engineers, we try to squeeze out as much performance and efficiency from our code as possible. I've been learning how processors actually execute machine code, and have learned some surprising lessons that were not apparent from reading normal source code. Here I'll detail two ways you can speed up code snippets you probably use every day.

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