‘Women Who Code’ Boulder Kick-off

I've heard this phrase often since starting work at a custom dev shop: "Women who code are like unicorns."

Well, I felt pretty lucky to have been in a room full of unicorns last Thursday. Quick Left hosted the [Women Who Code Meetup](( Kick-off in Boulder and organizer Katie Weiss, CEO of InsideGood, gave a passionate welcome to those in the room. So much so, that I asked her to share her passion of getting women into coding with all the dear readers of our blog.

If after reading you care to join us at the next Women Who Code meetup, Quick Lefter's own unicorn Jessica Dillon will be presenting her jQuery Conf Portland talk proposal .stop() using .animate() and .start using .css-animations.

On the first Thursday in February, approximately 40 female coders packed into the Quick Left offices for the kick-off of Women Who Code Boulder/Denver in Boulder. Since October, Women Who Code B/D has grown to over 225 members and...

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Precompiling jQuery Templates

If you're like us, Javascript templates are just about your favorite front end technique that's come into fashion over the past few years. Templates let you keep markup out of your code and takes all of the trouble out of building against JSON APIs. There are lots of template libraries to choose from, but we've most often found ourselves choosing to work with the offical jQuery templating plugin, jquery-tmpl. Here's how we optimized it.

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