Four Takeaways About Diversity and Hiring

I was recently asked by my friends at the Turing School of Software and Design along with fellow Quick Lefter, Laura Steadman to join a TechIsMore Digital Event Series panel about diversity and hiring in tech, hosted by the Women In Tech Campaign.

There were 5 other panelist from across the US with a range of different backgrounds including engineering, education, and technical recruiting. Each contributed unique and wonderful insights about diversity, tech, and hiring. The digital panel was hosted on Periscope with a simultaneous Twitter chat using hashtag #TechIsMore, engaging over 300 participants from the US, UK, Panama, Czech Republic, and Brazil.

There were many good ideas shared throughout the discussion, four of which really stood out to me.

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10 Reasons Why I <3 Working at Quick Left

Prior to my working at Quick Left, I had a terribly long stint in the outdoor industry. While my heart is in the mountains, my mind was feeling stale. Must. Learn. Something. New. ASAP. So tech sounded like a great idea. Before I even began my first day on the new job, the realization that I stumbled into a workplace utopia left me school-girl giddy. And by stumbled upon, I mean work my ass off to have a career shift. It was worth it. When my friends asked about my new gig, I had to ‘gloat’ so-to-speak about how lucky I feel to work at 902 Pearl Street. Here are 10 reasons why I feel like someone should pinch me. Or in other words, why I love working at QL HQ. Want to work here with me? Apply now. Warning: clicking this link could change your destiny.
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