High Level Hints: Staying on Budget in Software Development

Continuing in my High Level Hints series, the million dollar question from potential clients is often "how much is custom software development going to cost me?" Software is a very typical industry that is also surprisingly easy to misunderstand. They say in the bicycle racing world that while you want to have a strong, light, and cheap bike, you actually can only pick two. The same set of tradeoffs are true when buying engineering time for your product: You want bug-free, quickly delivered, featureful software, but have to make a tradeoff. Here's some hints to help determine your needs and hopefully make that tradeoff an easier decision for you.

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High Level Hints: 4 Hosting Options For Software Companies

This post is part of a series of High Level Hints that help you understand the business of software development. Part glossary, part tutorial, the series aims to arm you with the knowledge you need to run a software project or company.

When you talk to a software development company about writing an application for you or your company, they might mention 'hosting' casually. If you don't know exactly what this means and what your options are, you're in the right place. Quick Left knows, and we can explain it to you in simple terms that make sense. Read on!

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