Startup Strava Challenge

At Quick Left we love bikes almost as much as we love building web and mobile applications. Almost. So in celebration of National Bike Month, we thought it would be really fun to gather fellow bike-enthusiast companies to join forces in friendly competition while raising money for their preferred non-profit. Don’t bike, no problem. Running hurts so your mileage should count too, we even think it’s worth more. Team members who exercise without wheels will receive twice as many miles, as long as it’s GPS tracked.

Don't want to read all the details and just dive in head first: Register HERE!

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3 Simple Stretches for People Sitting at Work

The easiest $100K you'll ever make won't be from programming. It won't be from selling a business. It'll come from avoiding the doctor for being healthy.

Thats right, more Americans go bankrupt from being unhealthy than any other reason. People in the software industry are no more lucky than others, we all sit all the time.

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