Quick Left Does Portland Startup Week 2015!

We've been a staple in every inaugural Startup Week scene starting in 2010 with Boulder Startup Week (any coincidence that Quick Left was founded in the same year?). When Denver Startup Week kicked off two years ago, you bet we were involved as a sponsor, speaker and event host. Now in its first year (along with several other cities nationally and globally), Portland is hosting its first Startup Week, and coincidentally we just opened our new office in the heart of downtown. And, yep, you guessed it - we'll be there in Quick Left style February 2-6 because we can't miss a party. 

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One on One with Monarch High School Robotics Team

As you read in my last post with a different high school robotics team, Quick Left is a big supporter of STEM programs and community involvement.

This time, I sat down with project manager and head programmer of the Monarch High School FIRST Robotics team Shazbots 1245, Katy, and assistant project manager and head of web design, Jake. I kept having to remind myself throughout the process that I was speaking with high school students. Looking forward to seeing what the Shazbots and Black Knights have in store for 2014.

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One on One with Fairview High School Robotics Team

Quick Left is a big supporter of STEM programs and community involvement, no doubt. From hosting regular hackfests free to the public to sponsoring programs we care Monarch and Fairview High Schools' robotics teams.

I sat down with co-president of Fairview High School's Robotics team, Arianna, to chat about the Black Knights and what they're up to. SPOILER ALERT: They're up to some really cool things.

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Quick Left + Precog Hackfest: Collaboration Style

Watch out Google Drive and Draftboard - we’re building web collaboration tools that will blow your mind (in three hours or less)! No need to form a team before-hand; they'll come together night of and will write in the language of their choice. Developers, designers, and spectators are welcome. Prizes awarded from Precog for the top teams and you can thank them for the beer and pizza. So come play for a bit. Kicking off at 6:30 sharp.

When: January 30, 6 - 9:30 pm Where: Quick Left Headquarters @ 902 Pearl St. What: Teams of 3 form at the event to do 3 hours of intensive coding + UXD to build web collaboration tools. Who: Any and all developers interested in coding, designers in UX/UI, and those who enjoy creating cool shiz under pressure. Also anyone else who likes to network over beer and pizza. Register here

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