DevCon1 and the State of Ethereum

In a previous post I talked about Ethereum, an emerging decentralized software platform where anyone can run applications that run with zero downtime, require zero infrastructure, and are immune to censorship. But who is actually using the platform? Does Ethereum really have potential to change the ways we run businesses? Why would someone chose this platform over the traditional centralized architecture of today's web?

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Happy, Sad, Evil, Weird: Putting Use Case Planning Into Practice

In part one of this miniseries, we introduced formal Use Case Analysis and a simplified version called Use Case Planning which fits a rapid, iterative development process. That post went over the high-level concepts, and explained how this planning method will help you catch problems with your design before you start to implement.

In this post, the final post of this miniseries, we’ll step through a concrete example so you can see how to put Use Case Planning into practice.

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