UX is Not Just UI

UX Design is large and has many parts. UI is one of those many parts. User Interfaces are important, but so is Research, Architecture, Development, Testing, Copywriting, etc.

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MVP Design

Minimal Viable Product Design focuses on the least amount of features needed for a product to live and breath on its own. By cutting the fat of a traditional waterfall design and development approach, product teams are free to test and iterate on the viability of their idea very quickly. In essence, this is similar to throwing simplified ideas onto a wall and seeing what sticks.

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Humans and Glass Rectangles

So we have humans interacting with expensive glass rectangles. Of course by glass rectangles I'm referring to our mobile phones, tablets, laptops, monitors, computers, etc. that we use in our quest to achieve permanent connectivity, meaningful interactions and the general absorbance of data. This human to computer interaction is inherent to the goals of User Experience Design.

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