The Value of Consistent Design

To many designers, consistency doesn’t scream sexy. But to anyone with an understanding of user experience, there couldn’t be a bigger turn on.

When someone visits a site for the first time, that’s a new experience. You can make the experience look and feel the same as others but, ultimately, it’s different because the core product is (hopefully) different. While I don’t believe in walking through the motions, the less a user has to learn during a new experience, the better.

We should design with this in mind.

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Meet the Team: QLer Brian A.

Brian Ashburn hails from our native Colorado and has spent his last few years right here in Boulder, specializing in integrated data visualization and collaborative presentation software. He is a graduate of the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design ( where he majored in Graphic Design & Interactive Media. He joins the Quick Left design team to further his passion for solving problems and creating usable interfaces. When not channeling his calm, focused energy toward product design, you will find him practicing Judo and Bagua. He is inspired by Kung Fu movies, old and new. 

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