SQL for Beginners Part 1

Hello hackers! This is my ongoing blog series about various topics in web development. Previously, we covered command line usage from a complete beginner's perspective, eventually moving towards some more advanced command line topics.

We'll be firing up the terminal for some examples later on, so if that sounds like something you wouldn't be comfortable with, I definitely recommend checking out last week's post which was a review of sorts.

Ready? Here we go!

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Introduction to Database Design (on Rails): Part II

In a previous post, I explained the fundamentals of database design. This guide will cover the second half of that topic: how to make the database work with Rails. Before reading this you should have a good understanding of what a database is and how to organize one.

Rails is a framework that sits on top of the programming language Ruby. The framework speeds up web development by filling in code that you'd otherwise write from scratch on every new project. A component of this is ActiveRecord, a subset of Rails that acts as the bridge between your database and your Ruby code.

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