What It Takes To Be A Software Consultant

Four Things Our Developers Wished They Had Known On Their First Day

As part of our onboarding process at Quick Left, we meet with recent hires after 30 days and ask them several questions about their experience so far. One of the questions that gets some of the most interesting reponses is: "What advice would you give yourself on your first day?"

After six years in business, we've asked this question quite a few times. We recently took some time to read back and analyze the responses we've gotten. When we looked closely, some trends started to emerge. Interested in finding out what it takes to be a software consultant? Read on to find out the top four pieces of advice our devs wished they had gotten on their first day.

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Are you the one? Looking for the next client to invest in.

Late last year we were happy to host a couple successful programs aimed at giving back to our startup community.

One of those programs was called Adopt a Startup. We fielded over 50 applications of seed fund stage startups to find one we believed in. The prize was technical help from our talented engineers. We chose to work with Stand In, a Portland-based mobile app simulation product, because of their solid team and in the scalability of their technology .

We also invested in our first two QL Convertibles, or convertible note projects. Let's talk more about that...

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Guest Blog: Brian Baker on UX, The Final Frontier

We're hosting BoulderUX Wednesday, May 22 with guest speaker Brian Baker of The First User, the recognized authority in User Experience for consumer electronics, as well as a thought-leader in the User Experience of mobile apps, websites, outdoor gear, and automotive experience. We asked him to provide us with a guest post hinting at what you'll hear when you attend the event. Register for the Meetup. Space is limited.

I’ve been calling User Experience (UX) the ‘final frontier’ of product development for some time now, and people often ask why I use that title.

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The Power of the Product Owner

Finding the right co-founding team is a difficult task for the entrepreneur. While there are community driven events to help folks meet each other, finding someone highly technical who is willing to start a company with you is going to be difficult, no matter what. This becomes even more difficult if you are bootstrapping, because technical people who are capable of handling a founder role can command a good salary these days.

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