Making Tooltips with CSS3

Recently we wanted to add some tooltips to the Quick Left Method page and I decided I wanted to avoid adding a Javascript plugin into the site's JS to accomplish this. One of our many focuses at Quick Left is performance and decreasing page load time/size is essential to that goal. So, I thought I'd explore the CSS3 route as it seemed quite achievable and even backwards compatible.

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CSS3/Best Practices Part 2

Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life at Quick Left, and time has slipped by, but finally part 2 for CSS best practices has arrived! Rejoice! It only took a month and a half. Let's get to business, I've got clients to think about here! Let's talk about the conversations you should be having with your clients and bosses (oh those pesky ne'er-do-futures!) about using CSS3 on your next site. How should you approach it?
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