What It Takes To Be A Software Consultant

Four Things Our Developers Wished They Had Known On Their First Day

As part of our onboarding process at Quick Left, we meet with recent hires after 30 days and ask them several questions about their experience so far. One of the questions that gets some of the most interesting reponses is: "What advice would you give yourself on your first day?"

After six years in business, we've asked this question quite a few times. We recently took some time to read back and analyze the responses we've gotten. When we looked closely, some trends started to emerge. Interested in finding out what it takes to be a software consultant? Read on to find out the top four pieces of advice our devs wished they had gotten on their first day.

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High Level Hints: Staying on Budget in Software Development

Continuing in my High Level Hints series, the million dollar question from potential clients is often "how much is custom software development going to cost me?" Software is a very typical industry that is also surprisingly easy to misunderstand. They say in the bicycle racing world that while you want to have a strong, light, and cheap bike, you actually can only pick two. The same set of tradeoffs are true when buying engineering time for your product: You want bug-free, quickly delivered, featureful software, but have to make a tradeoff. Here's some hints to help determine your needs and hopefully make that tradeoff an easier decision for you.

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