BDW’s Pitch Night

Yesterday, Quick Left was invited to participate in BDW's (formerly, Boulder Design Works) pitch night. If you're not familiar, BDW is a "...project-based and accredited learning initiative focused on developing today and tomorrow's digital leaders and entrepreneurs... developed by the University of Colorado at Boulder." Because I have experience consulting with startups on web/mobile based applications, I was asked to represent Quick Left with the expectation that I would provide technical and business-oriented feedback to the five groups that pitched.

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The Best Place to Work is Hiring

Wanna work with us? We’re not just hiring, we’re on a quest to find and hire the best and brightest devs ready to work at the horizon line of tech. Nestle in and get to know us a bit. Keep reading and learn why working here is better than Disney World.

We know that to be a good business, you have to be a great employer with a rich culture that supports the heart of the people who want to work with you and build something worthwhile. We want our folks to bring their best everyday, so we build an environment that cultivates and supports talented, passionate, happy people - for they are the ones that show up bright: they perform better, work harder and more creatively, and build great products and customer relationships.

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