A Year in Gif-view: 2015 Annual Report in Reaction Gifs

Around this time last year, we sent you a glossy, corporate-y, javascript-y annual report. This year we've decided to shake it up.We're presenting this year in review as narrated by reaction gifs. Thank you for keeping it real with us this year. We look forward to delivering our award-winning software consulting services throughout 2016... and many, many, many more years.

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Quick Look at Quick Left: A Year In Review

Quick Left started from humble beginnings in the emerging tech-center of Boulder, Colorado. Our focus from the beginning has been rooted in software engineering excellence. While others in the field rest on a traditional agency model, Quick Left has diverged from the crowd with an engineering-first approach.

Thank you to our wonderful clients, avid Quick Left supporters and cheerleaders, and to my team of experts-the QLers. Without you, 2013 wouldn't have been nearly as successful. Please read about our 2013 accomplishments and why we think 2014 will be an even better year.

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