Summer Fun Day 2014 Edition

“Winners get to do what they want” Ricky Bobby

For our 2014 Quick Left Summer Fun Day we hit the ground at top speed to prove just who is the fastest QLer. San Francisco, Portland, and Boulder each hosted their day of fun which included go-karts followed by happy hour!

This years highlights:

  • Designers are fast…who knew?!
  • Just because you ride motorcycles at top speed does not mean you can do so with go-karts
  • We are all a bit competitive (read as: extremely competitive)
  • Flags/Warnings are important to some people and not so much to others
  • New guy luck is a thing
  • Bacon wrapped dates are tasty!
  • Mmmm happy hooouuuurrrrr
  • Did I mention happy hour?
  • The trash talking for next years fun day has already started

This years Summer Fun Day was a ton of fun and got the competitive juices flowing. It is a never a bad time when you get to toe the line with your boss to see just who is willing to put the other person in a wall if necessary. Rubbin’ is racin’ after all.