Staying Dry

Normally the term "staying dry" is interpreted as "staying DRY" around Quick Left headquarters. This morning, however, QLers aren't talking about the programming best practice DRY, they're checking in with each other about their homes and families. After several days of torrential rain and record breaking floodwaters we're very fortunate to report that QLers are safe and dry despite a few flooded basements.

We're back in the office this morning after finishing out last week having everybody work from home. We're feeling very fortunate to have survived the brunt of the storm, particularly as we hope for a break in the weather so that those still waiting for help can be airlifted out of trouble today. In the meantime Quick Left begins the awkward transition from emergency to normalcy today. Thank you to our customers, friends, and family members for all of your support.

For any of you needing temporary office space let us know. We've got a couple of seats open if you're in need of electricity, wifi, and a desk for a few days. Ping us and we'll make space for you!