Startup Strava Challenge

Featured in Built in Colorado

At Quick Left we love bikes almost as much as we love building web and mobile applications. Almost. So in celebration of National Bike Month, we thought it would be really fun to gather fellow bike-enthusiast companies to join forces in friendly competition while raising money for their preferred non-profit. Don’t bike, no problem. Running hurts so your mileage should count too, we even think it’s worth more. Team members who exercise without wheels will receive twice as many miles, as long as it’s GPS tracked.

Don’t want to read all the details and just dive in head first: Register HERE!

We would like to invite you to participate with us and the other committed companies! The winning team that has biked/ran the most miles in May and will win the pooled loot for their non-profit of choice. For $100 tax deductible dollars, you help promote health, happiness, sunshine, and giving back to the community you immerse yourself in everyday. We are happily supporting People for Bike and Just Go Harder Foundation. Plus we make it as easy as possible for you to participate.

We are dedicated on making this program a success for you, so I am happy to schedule a 20-30 minute meeting to get you set up or you can follow these 7 step below to get started.

7 Steps:

  1. Set up Strava Account for company (I can do this for you, walk through this with you, or you can do it on your own.) Check out ours here.
  2. Give me the name of your non-profit to highlight in marketing efforts. Any additional assets are great, too.
  3. Each employee needs to create a Strava account and join the company team.
  4. For those that don’t have a GPS unit, strava makes an mobile app to begin tracking mileage. More info here.
  5. Ride or run as much as you can for the month of May! Blog along the way and share social media updates. We’ll offer awards for weekly challenges, too!
  6. We’ll announce winners May 31st at Murmuration, at Chautauqua Park. For participating in the challenge, take $3 of your ticket price.
  7. Provide $100 to the winning company’s charity by June 15, following the competition.

If this is something your company would be interested in, please fill out this form and we can get your team to hit the ground running (or biking). Check back each week or follow us on Twitter at #stravachallenge to see who else you’ll be competing against this May!

Happy riding, running, walking, hiking, dancing.

If a little inspiration is needed, check out QLers doing Winter Bike to Work Day:

Quick Left Winter Bike to Work Day 2014 from Quick Left on Vimeo.